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  • Selfiewall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector

⁉️ FAQs

  • How well-received is Selfiewall with guests?

    Selfiewall is very popular with guests. Depending on the number of guests, between 300 and 500 photos per evening are usual at private parties. With large events, 500 to 1000 photos or more are usual.

    “Using Selfiewall, we saved more photos than at any party before.” (Party, Germany, January 2020)

    “It worked without a hitch and was a complete hit at our wedding and was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely recommend it again.” (Wedding, Switzerland, 2019)

    “Our event was a complete success and Selfiewall was used very often.“ (Company event, Germany, August 2018)

    “Everything worked fine - and it was a great success.“ (Private party, Germany, July 2018)

    “Selfiewall was a complete success at our clinic's Christmas dinner and we had a lot of fun with it." (Christmas party, Switzerland, December 2017)

    “Selfiewall worked perfectly and many guests joined in.“ (Company party, Germany, November 2017)

    “Selfiewall was very well received at our anniversary party.“ (Company event, Germany, October 2017)

    “We loved it.“ (Wedding reception, Germany, October 2016)

    What do I need to use Selfiewall at my party?

    Using Selfiewall is very easy. You need a personalized hashtag that you decide upon, a laptop with internet connection, use of the browser Google Chrome, and a projector. Connect the projector to your laptop using a VGA, HDMI, or DVI cable. It’s best if the laptop and projector both support full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). If your party location, your local technical event supplier, or DJ don’t provide a projector, you can rent one for a reasonable price at www.erento.com (within the EU).

    How can I make a slideshow with the laptop and projector?

    After you have booked Selfiewall, we’ll send you an internet link to the moderation page and access information. You can access the moderation page on your laptop using the browser Google Chrome. Via this page, you can start Selfiewall on the projector by selecting the projector as the second display screen and entering fullscreen mode.

    As the moderator, you can view all incoming photos, drawings, and messages from your guests which can be automatically displayed on the projector as a slide show. There are also various settings for photos, e.g. different fonts, colors, display times, speech bubbles for text messages, or picture frames, or different settings for how Selfiewall works, e.g. using voting, password protection for your hashtag, or whether or not to display messages manually or automatically, etc.

    Why do I need a hashtag?

    When you order the Selfiewall, you give your Selfiewall a name (keyword) - also called hashtag. When ordering, you decide on a name for your Selfiewall – a.k.a., a hashtag – such as #anne25, #summer18, #peter30, #wedding, #4ever. Short hashtags that relate to the theme of your party are best, and the more individual the hashtag, the better. Hashtags are only given out once per booking period, so your hashtag is used exclusively for your party.

    Hashtags are needed so Selfiewall can send photos from guests to their corresponding events.

    Can I use popular dates as hashtags?

    Yes, dates as hashtags – such as #2024 – are perfectly fine.

    How can my guests join in?

    Your guests can join in with their cell phones via the Selfiewall browser app (m.selfiewall.net). From there, your guests can take photos, write messages or emoji codes, or draw sketches, and send them directly to the projector at the party. You can also send saved photos from your phone’s camera roll to the projector.

    How does the browser app work?

    The browser app (m.selfiewall.net), which your guests can use to access Selfiewall, is very simple. In the top input field, guests enter the hashtag you chose for the party at the booking. All photos or messages will then be sent to this hashtag. Under that, there are four big buttons: 1. Send Photo; 2. Send Drawing; 3. Send Text Message; and 4. See Story. The buttons are self-explanatory.

    Is the browser app available in English?

    Yes, the browser app is also available in English as well as German. The language used in the mobile version depends on the language the owner uses on their cell phone.

  • Do guests need to register or sign up?

    No, guests can send in pictures or drawings without registering or signing up for anything. All they need is a cellphone with access to the free browser app.

    Is the app ad-free?

    Yes. There are no third-party advertisements in the app. The host and guests have complete control over what’s shown. Under the section “Read Messages”, there is however an explanation of how Selfiewall can be booked for a party.

    Do I have to distribute games or photo challenges to my guests?

    No. Games or photo challenges can be a lot of fun, but Selfiewall is also generally very well received by guests, and tends to simply run itself at parties. If needed, the host can turn on moderation mode, and decide which photos are shown on the projector.

    Can I use Selfiewall like a photo booth?

    Place a tablet on a stand at your party, connect it to the Selfiewall web app (m.selfiewall.net), enter the hashtag of your party and voila – you have a photo booth! Guests can take photos together and upload them directly to the projector at your party.

    Can guests and hosts download and print the pictures?

    When booking Selfiewall, you receive an additional password to download pictures. You can decide if and to whom you want to give access to picture download. Usually, all guests receive the password and can print the pictures after the party. Pictures can be downloaded up to one week after Selfiewall is booked, but longer download periods can be ordered. After the chosen downloading period, the photos will be deleted from the server.

    Who owns the photos sent with Selfiewall?

    The photos belong to the people who took them, and the rights to the photos are not assigned to us. All photos sent with Selfiewall can be downloaded after the party, and one week after the downloading period, the photos will be deleted from the server.

    Is it possible to vote for photos, drawings, and text messages displayed on Selfiewall?

    Yes. Using the browser app, guests can see all incoming photos and read messages. Each photo and message has a Like icon at the bottom, which guests can tap to like the photo or message. The number of likes per photo is also shown on the projector. This function can be activated via the moderation page, and can be used for photo or drawing contests.

    Can other people see the photos and messages that are shown at my party on the Selfiewall?

    In the browser app (m.selfiewall.net), users can read messages sent to the hashtag they have entered. The host can restrict this by creating a password in the moderation tool. Then only those with the password can send and view photos, drawings, and text messages.

    Messages sent to a hashtag that hasn't been booked can be read by all users who know and enter the hashtag. Such messages are automatically deleted from the server once a day.

    Are photos and messages published on other websites?

    No. Photos, drawings, and messages will not be shared with third parties.

    For how long should I book Selfiewall?

    You can book Selfiewall for one party (48 hours), one week, or one month, with one week being the most popular booking. If you book Selfiewall for a longer period of time, your guests can send photos and messages before or after the event takes place using the browser app. These photos and text messages can be viewed by all guests.

    Do I need the extra features?

    Extra features aren’t necessarily required for private parties. They can, however, be useful for corporate or commercial events where displaying a company logo or advertisement is desired.

    How do fundraisers work with Selfiewall?

    You can start a fundraiser with the moderation page of Selfiewall, e.g. at a charity event, wedding, or birthday party. Guests can use the “Give money” button in the browser app to send money in any amount via PayPal. As host, you can decide to which account or PayPal the money is sent. Fundraisers are displayed intermittently on the projector screen. Selfiewall charges no extra fees for donations.

    In which countries is Selfiewall available?

    Selfiewall works worldwide.

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  • Guests send their photos to your hashtag with the Selfiewall browser app. Check to see if it’s still free.

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