🎊 Professional photos on the wall

  • The Selfie Wall gives you the possibility to show photos taken by party photographers. Via the admin area of the Selfie Wall the organizer integrates photos from the file system of his computer into the live photo show of the Selfie Wall. This feature is available separately with extra marketing features, please ask. Professional photos of party photographers are displayed alternately with the mobile photos of the guests and the slide show on the projector screen is enriched. This feature is also used to place event announcements, the line-up of a concert or festival, advertising partners, sponsors, promotions and ads.

    • The Selfie Wall is simple for your partygoers to use. The Selfie Wall messenger is available for free in the Apple and Google Play app stores and the pictures are sent via the internet – using the customers data flat rate, so that there are no extra costs for the partygoer.
    • You can download a factsheet about Selfie Wall here: Download info-pdf on Selfie Wall
  • The Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to projector

💪 Party photos and entertainment

  • The Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to projector
    • What is really exciting about the Selfie Wall is that every partygoer can use their own smartphone to be a part of the fun. The spontaneous photos and messages that come from the party guests keep things authentic. The guests actively become a part of the party and share their experiences with a larger audience.
    • The event organizer can use the Selfie Wall to tell the guests about vouchers, up-coming events or even to present ads from sponsors etc. The organiser also has a feedback function that lets him send messages to the guests. The guests can read these in the messenger app.