🎊 Guaranteed party fun for you and your guests

    • Own #hashtag: Book the Selfie Wall with your own party-#hashtag
    • Guaranteed party fun: send snapshots, pictures, emojis and texts directly to the beamer with your own mobile phone
    • I think it's great: the guests can like rocket-powered photos, pictures and sayings. The number of likes is displayed on the beamer screen and in the mobile Selfie Wall website on the image.
    • Can be used worldwide: The Selfie Wall works worldwide. An internet connection at the event location is required.
    • Very easy to use: The Selfie Wall is a web application that runs as a website in the internet browser. Apart from a laptop with internet browser and internet access at the event location and a projector, you do not need any additional equipment.
    • Spontaneous and anonymous: Join in without registration! Your guests do not need to log in or register to participate.
    • Reading messages: Your guests can read all messages, photos and pictures in the mobile Selfiewall website on their mobile phone.
    • No third-party ads: Hosts and party guests have full control over the displayed content.
    • Participate everywhere: With the mobile Selfie Wall website you can participate in all Selfie Wall parties by entering the matching #hashtag of the party.
  • Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector

💪 Very easy operation in the web browser

  • Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector
    • Simple moderation tool: Organizers can preview and manually share all photos, pictures and messages or use the automatic display mode.
    • Moderating with the mobile phone: The moderation tool of the Selfie Wall can also be used with a mobile phone or tablet to accept incoming photos, pictures and texts.
    • Design of the beamer screen: Set colors, fonts, picture frames and speech bubbles etc.
    • Picture download: All photos and pictures which were shown on the Selfie Wall are available for download in the guest area of this website up to 1 week after the party. As an organizer you will receive an additional password that you can share with your guests.
    • Extra features for business: Integrate your company logo prominently, display advertising graphics and event information between the guest messages, integrate professional photos of party photographers from the laptop's file system into the live photo show, write and display your own text contributions in the moderation tool, etc.
    • Individual adaptations: Do you have special requirements for the Selfie Wall? We would be happy to implement your wishes. Please contact us. We'll find a solution.