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  • Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector
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    Party fun to join in, best entertainment and many opportunities to get into conversation with each other - the SelfieWall is a real all-rounder. It brings party photos, pictures, emojis, congratulations, greetings and sayings from your guests' mobile phones directly to the beamer in real time. The result is a diverse, authentic photo collection that documents your party from different perspectives - even in the early hours of the morning when the official photographer has long since gone home. After the celebration, the photos are available for download. How the SelfieWall works can be read here.

    Still hesitating? Here we list 10 good reasons why you should never celebrate without our virtual picture wall again:

💪 All this and much more

  • Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector
    • Join in: Every guest shows himself and brings in his or her snapshots, pictures and sayings. With the like function your guests can also like the photos that are shown on the projector. The likes are displayed on the beamer and in the web app on the mobile phone.
    • Spontaneous and anonymous: To send photos to the SelfieWall, your guests don't have to register or log in. All they need is our web app m.selfiewall.net, which they can use directly in the browser on the mobile phone.
    • Advertising free: Organizers and party guests have full control over the content that is displayed. No third party advertising will be displayed. Messages that are sent during the party stay at the party.
    • Be part of it: Your guests can read all sent photos, pictures, emojis and messages in the web app on their mobile phones.
    • Memories of the party: All incoming pictures are archived and are available for download after the event.
    • User-friendly: The SelfieWall runs as an web application in the browser. Apart from a laptop with internet access and a beamer, you don't need any other devices.
    • Creative: Colours, fonts, picture frames and speech bubbles are set in the moderation area for the SelfieWall.
    • With or without sharing: With the moderation tool, you as organizer can preview, manually share or use the automatic display of all photos, pictures and messages. You can also protect your hashtag with a password so third parties can't read or write messages concerning to your hashtag in the web app.
    • Location-independent: With the web app for mobile phones, even guests who are not at the party can join in. They only need to enter the appropriate hashtag when sending their photo or greeting. Arrival and departure can also be documented.
    • World-wide applicable: The SelfieWall works world-wide and the menu guidance is multilingual. The only requirement is an internet connection at the venue.

    Extra features for companies

    The extra features contain additional functions for companies: integrate logo prominently; show graphics and notes between guest messages; integrate images from the laptop's file system into the slide show; write and display your own text contributions in the moderation tool.

    You have special requirements for the SelfieWall? We are happy to implement your wishes. Please get in contact with us. We will find a solution.