🎊 Party fun with a live show – collect awesome photos

  • Party fun with a live show – collect awesome photos
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    Party fun to join in, best entertainment and many opportunities to get into conversation with each other - Selfiewall Party Slideshow is great for all occasions. Selfiewall is a photo sharing app which allows your guests to directly send photos, animated GIFs, drawings, emojis, and congratulations from their phones to the projector. The result is a diverse, authentic photo collection that documents your party from everyone’s perspectives - even late into the evening when the official photographer has long since gone home. After the celebration is over, the photos are available for download. Try it out (for cell phone users, hashtag: #super, password: 1234). Here’s how Selfiewall works.

    Optional Extra Features:

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    Receive Song Requests:
    The button “Request Song” in the app allows guests to send their requests to the host on the moderation page. Requests will not be shown on the projector.

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    Show picture challenges:
    From the moderation page of Selfiewall, you can show photo challenges on the projector screen, e.g. “Take a selfie with the bride and groom”, “Take a photo of the birthday boy or girl with the biggest present”, “Draw a bouquet”, “Take a selfie with the assistant manager". We’ve set up some ready-to-go challenges for various occasions on the moderation page, but you can also create your own challenges if you like.

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    Collect donations and raise money:
    Use Selfiewall to start a fundraiser or collect money. Celebrating your birthday and want your guests to donate to a good cause instead of buying gifts? Getting married and want to raise money for your honeymoon? Your charity is hosting an event? Starting a new project and want to finance it with crowdfunding? Use Selfiewall to start a fundraiser or crowdfund! Guests can click the button “Send money” or “Donate now” and send money in any amount via PayPal to your account. The fundraiser will be shown on the projector screen in between photos and messages, where guests can see how much money has been donated.

💪 All this and much more

  • Selfiewall – All this and much more
    • Join in: every guest gets to show their snapshots, drawings, or congratulations on the projector screen.
    • Like function: With the like function, guests can like photos, drawings, or notifications. Likes are shown on both the projector and the browser app.
    • Spontaneous and anonymous: To send photos to Selfiewall, your guests don’t have to register or sign up for anything. All they need to do is use the browser app, which they can use directly in their phones.
    • Ad-free: Hosts and guest have full control over the content. What’s shown at the party stays at the party, and there are no third-party advertisers involved.
    • Join in from anywhere: With the cell phone browser app, guests can join in the fun remotely. All photos, drawings, and messages appear on the cell phone app.
    • Hold onto the memories: All photos are collected and are available for download after the party.
    • User-friendly: Selfiewall runs as an application in any web browser. You don’t need anything aside from a computer with internet access and a projector.
    • Get creative: Colors, fonts, picture frames, and speech bubbles for guests to use in their photos can be selected from the moderation page.
    • With or without approval: Via the moderation page, all photos, drawings, and notifications can be screened before being sent to the projector. Alternatively, you can use automatic mode, and everything your guests send will be sent directly to the projector screen. Your hashtag can also be password protected, so third parties can neither see nor read messages in the app.
    • Available around the world: Selfiewall works worldwide and the menu is available in many languages. All you need is internet access.

    Optional Extra Features for Companies:

    Extra features are available for companies such as integrating a company logo, showing graphics and notes between guest messages, integrating images from the laptop's file system into the slide show, or writing and displaying your own text in the moderation tool.

    Special requests? We can make that happen. Contact us and we’ll figure something out.

✅ Is your #hashtag still available?

  • Guests send their photos to your hashtag with the Selfiewall browser app. Check to see if it’s still free.

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