šŸ˜œ Send party photos from your mobile phone directly to the beamer

  • With the Selfie Wall you receive mobile phone photos of your party guests to display them live via projector and screen at your event.

    Your guests are invited to take party photos with their own mobile phone and send them to the Selfie Wall. To participate your guests use the mobile website m.selfiewall.net which is entered in the mobile phone.

    As a party organiser you receive all photos in the Selfie Wall moderation tool (online access will be sent to the organiser after booking). All photos are automatically received and displayed with the beamer. Organizers can also view and manually share incoming photos in the moderation tool.

    With the mobile website m.selfiewall.net for mobile phones your guests send photos, emojis, texts and self painted pictures from the mobile to the beamer.

  • Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector

šŸ¤£ Photos, pictures, emojis and texts on the Selfiewall

šŸ™ƒ Participate with the mobile phones

  • Selfie Wall – send party photos frome mobile phone to the beamer screen
  • Your guests reach the mobile Selfie Wall website for mobile phones via the URL m.selfiewall.net. The URL is entered in the mobile phone or your guests use a QR code which you receive with your booking.

    With the Selfie Wall website on the mobile phone, your guests can take a new photo, write a text or paint a picture on the touch screen. To send a message, guests enter the #hashtag of your party that you have booked. Then the message (photo, image, emoji or text) is sent. A few seconds later, photo, image, emoji or text appear on the projector screen.

    The #Hashtag is permanently displayed in the upper left corner of the projector screen of the Selfie Wall for everyone to see. The #hashtag can be #party, #wedding, #celebrations or similar.