😜 Send mobile photos to the screen

  • The Selfie Wall gets party photos and messages from smartphones and shows them live via a video system, projector and screen at events.

    Now your guests can send photos and text messages from their mobile straight to the Selfie Wall for everyone to see. And everyone at the party is invited to take photos of the party and their friends and to send them to the screen. To join in the fun, all your party guests need is the free Selfie Wall messenger (available for iPhones and Android smartphones). The event admin receives all the photos and texts through the Selfie Wall software and then beams them onto the event screen.

    Photos and text messages created and sent by people at the event make for exciting personal content. Now everyone can share their own personal party impressions up on the screen, making the Selfie Wall a fun and exciting focal point at every party.

  • The Selfie Wall – send party photos from mobile phone to projector

đŸ€Ł Posting mobile photos straight to the projector

🙃 People at the party post their own photos

  • The Selfie Wall – party photos frome mobile phone to the beamer
  • Every partygoer has a smartphone with them. That gives every one of them the chance to take a photo of the party and to send it directly to the Selfie Wall. All they need is the free Selfie Wall messenger (an app for iPhones and Android smartphones). The Selfie Wall messenger is the access point at every event that has a Selfie Wall. The messenger can be downloaded from an app store (iTunes App Store, Google Play Store) and is ready to go right away:

    The Selfie Wall messenger is easy to use. Once the app has been installed on the smartphone, the partygoer uses it to take a photo or enter a message. They then choose the hashtag of the party or event, to which the photo or the message is to be sent. This hashtag (keyword) is shown at the upper left of the Selfie Wall where everyone can see it. It could be #party or something else. And then the photo is posted.

    A few seconds later you can see the photo on the Selfie Wall. The same Selfie Wall messenger can also be used for other events with different Selfie Walls. The hashtag (keyword) determines to which Selfie Wall the photo or text is sent.

    In addition to photos, it is also possible to send text messages that then appear on the Selfie Wall.