🤣 Birthday Parties with Selfiewall

  • Birthday Parties with Selfiewall
  • Looking for inspiration for join-in party games? 🤔 We've got some tried-and-true puzzles and games for any occasion. ☝️ They show how versatile the Selfiewall can be. Here’s more about the features and how it works.

    Selfiewall is perfect for lightening up the party, getting everyone involved, and keeping everyone entertained. And to make sure that the fun isn’t over all at once, guests can download and print out pictures after the party itself. Try now (for cell phones; hashtag: #super, password: 1234).

    Combine Selfiewall with a party game - get inspired:

    1. Icebreaker game – guests get to know each other

    You invited different friend groups to your birthday, or you’re celebrating with both your friends and family for the first time? With this getting-to-know-you game, your guests get to talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere and have fun together. All you have to do is create a few photo challenges for each guest – e.g., “Take a selfie with a guest with a full beard”. When your guests complete the challenges, they send the result directly to the projector from their cell phones, and the snapshots are shown as a live slideshow during the party.

    50 fun selfie challenges for guests:
    PDF file: Icebreaker challenges for birthday parties
    Get more on Etsy.

    2. Draw the party

    Who can paint the most original portrait of the host on their phone? For this game, just think up some individual painting challenges for your guests beforehand – e.g., “Paint a guest with a tie”. Your guests send their art directly from their cell phones to the projector, and everything is shown as a live slideshow during the party. The pictures can also be liked in the Selfiewall app, and the picture with the most likes wins the contest.

    50 creative drawing challenges for guests:
    PDF file: Creative painting tasks for birthday parties
    Get more on Etsy.

    3. Vote for the best photo

    Ask your guests to take snapshots of the party with their phones and send them to the projector screen using the Selfiewall app (m.selfiewall.net). The photos will be shown as a live slide show at your party. Guests can then vote for their favorite photos via the same web app, and the photo with the most likes wins the contest.

    50 lively photo challenges for guests:
    PDF file: Photo contest ideas for birthday parties
    Get more on Etsy.

    4. Emoji quiz

    Say it in pictures: throughout the evening, guests can think up inventive emoji codes for well-known song titles, movies, TV series, or vacation destinations, and send them to the projector screen from their cell phones. The host then has to guess what the emojis stand for, or what the story behind them is. The more emoji puzzles the host solves correctly, the more points they score. If a set number of points is reached, the host wins a prize.

    5. Props game

    Using interesting props – likes cardboard picture frames, masks, fake moustaches, funny hats, or heart cut-outs – your guests can create fantastic photos. Spread out the props on a table so every guest can take advantage of them and use them to take hilarious pictures on their phones. All photos are sent to the projector screen and shown in a live slideshow using Selfiewall. The photos can be liked in the Selfiewall app, and the photo with the most likes wins a prize.

    ...and much more...

    Send greetings and congratulations

    In addition to photos and drawings, your guests can send short messages, such as congratulations or greetings, to the projector.

    Send song requests

    Using the “Request Song” button in the app, guests can send music wishes to the DJ. The requests show up on the moderation page, and won’t be shown on the projector screen.

    Start a fundraising campaign

    Celebrating your birthday and want your guests to donate to a good cause instead of buying gifts? Use Selfiewall to start a fundraiser or crowdfund! Guests can click the button “Send money” or “Donate now” and send money in any amount via PayPal to your account. The fundraiser will be shown on the projector screen in between photos and messages, where guests can see how much money has been donated.

    Use Selfiewall as a photo booth

    Place a tablet on a stand at your party, connect it to the Selfiewall web app (m.selfiewall.net), enter the hashtag of your party and voila – you have a photo booth! Guests can take photos together and upload them directly to the projector at your party. All photos can be downloaded and printed after the party with the guest section of the Selfiewall website.

    Event Photo Sharing with Selfiewall or Photobooth.

    Have fun at your party!

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  • Guests send their photos to your hashtag with the Selfiewall browser app. Check to see if it’s still free.

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