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  • Please contact us if you have any questions. We are available by phone (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Central European Time) as well as by e-mail. Below you can find the FAQs.

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  • Selfiewall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector

⁉️ FAQs

  • Does the Selfiewall go down well with the party guests?

    The Selfiewall is very popular with the guests. Between 300 and 500 authentic photos per evening are usual at private parties (depending on the number of guests). On large events 500 to 1000 photos and more are usually received.

    "Our event was a complete success and the Selfiewall was used very often." (Company event, Germany, August 2018)

    "So far, everything worked out fine - and it was a great success." (Private party, Germany, July 2018)

    "The Selfiewall was a complete success at our clinic's Christmas dinner and we had a lot of fun with it." (Christmas party, Switzerland, December 2017)

    "By the way, the wall worked perfectly and many guests took part." (Company party, Germany, November 2017)

    "The Selfiewall was used a lot on our anniversary celebration." (Company event, Germany, October 2017)

    "We loved it." (Wedding fair, Germany, October 2016)

    What do I need to use the Selfiewall at my party?

    Using the Selfiewall is very easy. Order the Selfiewall with a hashtag of your choice. Further you need a laptop with internet access, the internet browser Google Chrome and a beamer. Connect the beamer to the laptop using a VGA, HDMI or DVI cable. Laptop and beamer should support Full-HD resolution (1920x1080px). If your party location, your local equipment supplier or your DJ do not provide a beamer, you can rent one at www.erento.com (within the EU) for a reasonable price.

    How do I play the slideshow with my laptop and beamer?

    Once you have booked the Selfiewall, we will send you an internet link to the moderation tool with access data. The moderation tool is a website that you access with your laptop and the internet browser Google Chrome. In the moderation tool you start the Selfiewall display which you display via the second graphic output on the connected beamer in full screen mode.

    In the moderation tool you see all incoming photos, pictures and messages of your guests which are automatically displayed on the beamer as a slide show. In the moderation tool you will find various settings to set up your Selfiewall (fonts, colors, holding times of the pictures, speech bubbles for text messages, picture frames, activation of voting, password protection for your hashtag, display messages manually or automatically, etc.).

    Why do I need a hashtag?

    When you order the Selfiewall, you give your Selfiewall a name (keyword) - also called hashtag. This can be #anne25, #sommer18, #peter30, #4ever, #wedding or similar. Choose a short hashtag that matches your celebration theme. The more individual the hashtag is, the better it fits to your party. The hashtag is exclusively assigned only once per booking period and is therefore reserved especially for your party.

    The hashtag is needed so that the Selfiewall can assign the incoming messages to the corresponding event.

    How do my guests participate?

    To join in your guests use their own mobile phones with the URL m.selfiewall.net. With this website, also called web app, your guests can take photos, write texts/emojis, paint pictures and send them directly to the beamer at your party.

    With the web app you can also send photos from your mobile phone's photo album to the Selfiewall.

    How does the web app work?

    The web app m.selfiewall.net, which your guests can use to join in, is very simple. In the input field at the top, your guests enter the hashtag of your celebration that you booked when you placed your order. All messages will then be sent to this hashtag. Below that your guests will find four big buttons to join in: 1. send photo, 2. send picture, 3. send text and 4. read messages, as well as a short instruction. The functions are self-explanatory.

    Is the web app available in English?

    Yes, the web app supports English and German. Depending on which language the user has set in the mobile phone, the language is automatically adapted.

  • Do my guests have to log in or register?

    No. Your guests can take part spontaneously and send photos, pictures or messages to your Selfiewall without logging in or registering. To join in, your guests use their own mobile phone with the free web app m.selfiewall.net .

    Is the web app ad-free?

    Yes. No advertising from third parties is displayed. The organizer/host and the party guests have full control over the content. Only the Selfiewall itself displays a hint in the "Read messages" area how to order the Selfiewall for a party.

    Do I have to distribute photo game tasks to my guests?

    No. Photo game tasks can be great suggestions. But the Selfiewall is also very well accepted by the audience without photo tasks. It usually becomes a self-runner in the evening.

    Can I use the Selfiewall like a photo booth?

    Yes, it works like this: At your party, you place a tablet (e.g. iPad) on a stand and use the tablet's internet browser to display the Selfiewall web app m.selfiewall.net. Enter the hashtag of your party. Your guests can now take a photo in front of the tablet and send it directly to the beamer at your party.

    Can guests and hosts download and print the pictures?

    With your Selfiewall order you will receive an additional password for the picture download. You can decide for yourself if and to whom you want to give access for the picture download. Usually all party guests receive the password to download and print the pictures after the party. The picture download is available until 1 week after the Selfiewall booking period.

    Who owns the photos received with the Selfiewall?

    The photos belong to the authors. The rights to the photos are not assigned to us. All received photos can be downloaded after the party. 1 week after the event the photos will be deleted from the server.

    Is it possible to vote for photos, pictures and messages displayed on the Selfiewall?

    Yes. With the web app, that your guests use to send messages to the beamer, guests can also view all incoming photos and read messages. Each photo and message has a Like icon at the bottom. If you tap it, the message will be likened. The number of likes is also shown on the beamer. With this function your guests can choose the best photo of the party. You can activate this function yourself in the moderation tool.

    Can other people see the photos and messages that are shown at my party on the Selfiewall?

    In the web app m.selfiewall.net, users can read messages for a hashtag they have entered. You can restrict this if you have booked a hashtag by entering a password in the moderation tool. Then only those who know the password can send and read photos, pictures and text messages.

    Messages for a hashtag that hasn't been booked can be read by all users who know and enter the hashtag. Such messages are automatically deleted from the server once a day.

    Are photos and messages published on the internet on other websites?

    No. Photos, pictures and messages will not be shared with third parties.

    How long should I book the Selfiewall?

    You can book the Selfiewall for 1 party (48 hours), 1 week or 1 month. The booking for 1 week is very popular. If you book the Selfiewall for a longer period of time, then your guests can send photos and messages in the run-up to the event with the web app, which are displayed to all participants in the web app to read along. In that way it also works after the party.

    Do I need the extra features?

    At a private party you don't necessarily need the extra features. The extended functions are intended for companies and commercial events that want to display the company logo and advertising graphics prominently on the beamer. The extra features also include uploading photos from the file system of the laptop playing the Selfiewall and writing your own messages in the moderation tool.

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  • Your guests send their photos to your hashtag with the Selfiewall browser app. Check now if it is still free.

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