📸 🤳 Event Photo Sharing with Selfiewall or Photobooth

  • Event Photo Sharing with Selfiewall or Photobooth
  • You want to use a photobooth for your party instead of the Selfiewall? What fits better at your event? The Selfiewall or a Photobooth? Here you can compare both and decide.

    Photobooth – print photos at your party right away

    • Guests take photos of themselves in front of a stationary camera with self-timer
    • Print photos on photo paper immediately and take them with you
    • Collect photos on USB stick

    Selfiewall – event photo sharing with family and friends

    • Guests send party photos from their cell phones in real time to the party projector (automatic picture show on a large screen): this is how it works
    • Share photos, selfies, emojis, greetings and congratulations with friends and family at the party
    • Fun party games and wedding games with photo challenges for the guests
    • Collect all photos and download them after the party

✅ Is your #hashtag still available?

  • Guests send their photos to your hashtag with the Selfiewall browser app. Check to see if it’s still free.

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