😜 It's Showtime! – send party photos from mobile phone to beamer in real time

  • Selfiewall – send party photos from mobile phone to the projector
  • With the Selfiewall you receive party photos from the mobile phones of your guests. And to make sure everyone gets something out of it, you can show them live at your party with the beamer as a slide show.

    You can send the following content, among others

    • Photos
    • Emojis
    • Graphics
    • Congratulations
    • Greetings and sayings

    Here you will find inspiration for party games and wedding games with the Selfiewall.

⚙️ How the Selfiewall works

  • Selfiewall - beamer display, text bubble, join in text
  • 1: Order Selfiewall and define hashtag:
    First you book the Selfiewall together with a party-hashtag of your choice on this website. Then we will give you online access to the Selfiewall. You log in with your laptop and connect a beamer. All pictures are received with the laptop over the internet and are displayed automatically on the beamer screen.

    2: Share the URL of the web app:
    Thanks to the Selfiewall, your guests can contribute to a successful evening with very little effort and a high fun factor. All you need is our free web app for mobile phones (multilingual English and German), which can be accessed via the URL m.selfiewall.net (with mobile phone, hashtag: #super, password: 1234). To get there, your guests simply enter the URL in their mobile phone or scan a QR code that you receive with your booking. Either you send the link to the web app in the run-up to the party or you simply explain everything on site and show the QR code and URL on the beamer screen at your party.

    3: Use the browser app:
    Your guests take a photo with the web app, write a message or paint a picture on the touch screen of the mobile phone. When sending, they also enter the individual hashtag of your party that you have set and booked. Your hashtag will be displayed in the upper left corner of the beamer screen of the Selfiewall. The hashtag can be #20, #wedding, #celebrating, #2019 or similar. Then the message will be sent.

    4: Receive pictures, moderate if necessary:
    As host or organizer you receive all messages with the party hashtag after a few seconds in the moderation tool of the Selfiewall. We will send you the online access after booking. You decide whether you, as the director, want to preview the photos in the moderation tool and release them manually - or whether you simply let things run their course in automatic mode.

    5: Receive music requests from guests:
    With the button "Wish song" in the Selfiewall browser app the guests send their music wishes which you receive in the moderation tool. Music requests are not shown on the beamer.

    6: Fade in game tasks:
    In the moderation area of the Selfiewall you can create game tasks and display them on the party beamer, e.g. "Make a Selfie with the bridal couple", "Take a picture of the birthday boy or girl with the biggest present", "Paint a bouquet of flowers" or "Make a Selfie with the assistant of the management". In the facilitation area we provide a selection of pre-formulated photo and painting assignments for various occasions. Or you can create a new game with your own tasks.

    7: Donations and fundraising:
    Use the Selfiewall to conduct a fundraising campaign or collect money. You are celebrating your birthday and are happy? You are getting married and want to raise money for your honeymoon? Your support association wants to collect money for a good cause? You want to finance a new project with Crowdfunding? Then use the Selfiewall and collect money. In the moderation area of Selfiewall you can start a fundraising/collection campaign. Your guests can then use the Selfiewall web app and the button "Give money" or "Donate money" to send or transfer a freely selectable amount of money via Paypal. On the Selfiewall the fundraiser will be prominently displayed between the guest messages and photos. All guests see the current status on the beamer.

✅ Is your #hashtag still free?

  • Your guests send their photos to your hashtag with the Selfiewall browser app. Check now if it is still free.

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